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Banda Singh Bahadar Statue at Kunjwani

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Baba Banda Singh Bahadur foundation today lauded the naming of Kunjwani chowk as Baba Banda Singh bahadur chowk which was made possible with the efforts of the Hon’ble Mayor JMC Sh Chander Mohan Gupta Dy Mayor all Corporators and Commissioner ,of JMC.

S.Balvinder Singh President and S.Manjit singh representing the foundation appreciated the efforts of S Inder Singh corporator ward 44 who put the resolution before the house which finally got approval from the administrative department for naming the Chowk and installing the statue of the legendary figure son of the soil and a great warrior and the community is also thankful to S.Inder Singh for his persuance of the matter .

MR Singh said the foundation also is greatful to Sh.Kavinder Gupta Former Dy CM for his personal interest in the matter which was pending for nearly a decade now and has assured the Community in every religious function for installation of the Statue of baba Banda Singh Bahadur at Kunjwani Chowk.

A large number of organizations were pursuing the matter related to installation of a statue of the great warrior, since many years, who hailed from Reasi and was instrumental in demolishing the great Mughal empire before sacrificing his llfe and that of his family and soldiers .The installing of a statue at the designated chowk would be a befitting tribute to a person of such magnitude and a ruler who laid foundation of revolutionary agrarian reforms It is urged upon the administration and all Sikh organizations including DGPC GPB to take immediate steps to move ahead and get the statue installed without any further delay.

Banda Singh Bahadur coming in the fold of Guru Gobind Singh ji

While moving towards South at Jai pur, a Mahant Jait Ram came to pay his respect to the Guru. Guru Sahib asked him to suggest for some good and holy persons.

Mahant Jait Ram suggested some names and advised not to go to Madho Daas Bairagi, as he was very egoistic and insulted one and all. Instead, the Guru decided to face Madho Daas first of all rather than anybody else.

In September 1708 Guru Gobind Singh along with few sikhs reached at the Ashram of Madho Daas Bairagi, At that time he was not in his dera . The Guru took his seat and the sikhs spread all over the Dera to arrange and cook food. Followers of Madho Daas ran and informed him of all about the happenings. Madho Daas used all his occult powers to insult, harass and let-down the Guru but failed in all his efforts. Full of rage, he came running to the Dera and shouted at the Guru ” Who are you, and how come you have entered my Ashram? The Guru very calmly replied ” You have all the power, you should know.”
He said that he knew nothing about him.

The Guru asked him to be calm and think it over. After some time, he said” Is it that you are Guru Gobind Singh?” The Guru replied : “Yes I am, now tell me, who are you?” His hands were folded and he said to the Guru” I am your Banda (slave).” Banda also means a good human being. The Guru said” If you are my Banda, then work as a Banda ( a good human being). He assured Guru Sahib to do as per his advice.

With these words Madho Daas was at the feet of Guru sahib. The Guru stayed in his Dera for a few days. He was given Amrit ( baptized the Sikh way) and named Gur Bakhash Singh but remained famous with the name of Banda Singh Bahadur. It was not less than a miracle and was the magnetic like personality of Guru Gobind Singh at his 42 years of age that a 38 year old Rajput, at a place far away from his native, now a mystic, celibate, vegetarian, having occult powers, master of a big Ashram but very haughty and proud was turned into a devoted and disciplined soldier and made an army general by the Guru, who fell on the cruel rulers of Punjab like a storm and cloud burst.

Credit – Samarkand Express

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