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Gagan Bhagat Has Come Forward Besides Leaving All His Work And Is Helping People.

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Dr GaganBhagat

There is no exercise better for heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

gagan bhagat

It is so easy for the people to get busy in their life and forget helping others. But Dr. Gagan Bhagat who is Ex MLA R.S. Pura is back to his profession. He is helping people and performing his duty towards nation as well as the people.

Dr. Gagan Bhagat has come forward besides leaving all his work and is helping people.
As the doctors and other medical Professional are working in different fields but Dr. Gagan Bhagat has still taken the innitiative to work as a medical professional and to help all the needy people. Being a politician he thinks it as his responsibility to work as a doctor in this time when the whole is facing this worse Phase. As a politician he always works better for the people and as a doctor he also come forward to help the people

This shows that Dr.Gagan Bhagat is truely a remarkable person and professional and has lot of love and care for people and nation.

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