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Silence in Jammu Kashmir

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After a year of a removal of article 370 and 35A from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, there is complete phase of political and democratic silence in Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir ,crown of country, is now an union territory where Central rule is imposed to monitor, manage and control aftermath of this historical event as per the statement of the government of India. The security concerns are always at peak as the people of Jammu and Kashmir were and are threatened by the extremists and external forces always. The political right of freedom has vanished after this noble step and henceforth businesses.
While going through the figures, only 38k tourist visit our state from 1st January onwards, which is the only 5 percent of the last year visit.
My heart always goes with the traders, small business, Small manufacturing units, transporters , Auto Rikshawala’s , Shikara owners, hotels which are totally dependant on tourism and create 45 percent self employability. The unemployment is the biggest gift bestowed to the people of union territory.

You may celebrate this auspicious day but never forget that world moves with the happy index of its individual. We have learnt nothing from the past. Our mindset is yet similar to the before partition era. All youth of the state is at resting phase . I appreciate the Newton’s law, for every action there is equal and opposite reaction. The reaction after this noble move, bring uncertainty all across the people, and lack of trustworthiness and transparency started to show its impact slowly.

Let we not be the mute spectator for the upcoming generations. We want peace , prosperity , growth, dignity and self respect in this sovereign democracy. The democratic process always work for the people and with the people’s.
Let we have same definition of democracy all across the country. If appropriate measures being not taken with the involvement of all stake holders, the impact is very vulnerable and outcome can’t be measured in terms of consequences.
JKPM Kathua

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